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    Michshur Ltd. (sounds like "make sure") has been providing measurement and instrumentation products and solutions to both large and small companies all over the world since 1974.  Michshur Ltd. produces, sells and designs temperature sensors, thermowells, temperature and pressure transmitters, level switches, linear level transmitters, controllers, large digit universal displays and related products.  The company has an experienced engineering team that comes up with creative solutions to measurement problems, customizing and manufacturing products and systems to satisfy the customer's unique requirements. Michshur works with major corporations involved in diverse industries such as chemicals, communications, aerospace, semiconductors, food and beverage and energy with a client list ranging from large multinationals to small businesses.  When it comes to measurement, Michshur Ltd. sells solutions.
    Michshur Ltd. creates custom solutions integrating the fields of mechanics, electronics, communications and software. The company sells a full range of measurement products and also designs and enhances products and systems to stand up to harsh conditions. After creating a measurement solution, Michshur provides monitoring services to insure the client's needs are met.
    The engineering team is well known for thinking "out of the box" to come up with solutions to industrial measurement problems, manufacturing original equipment if necessary. When it comes to measurement, make sure it's Michshur.
    Michshur Ltd. takes pride in their excellent service department and the ability to provide fast response to their customer's needs. With ingenuity, flexibility and the ability to problem solve quickly Michshur has become an invaluable supplier and consultant for companies like Intel, MOD, IAI, Dead Sea Works, Vishay, TEVA, HP and many others. Michshur Ltd. operates in accordance to the ISO9001:2015 standard. Please contact the Customer Service Department today at info@michshur.com for more information.
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